• Screening Reality

    The Screening Reality project is a visual research on the increasing degree to which ‘live’ reality must compete with its representation: a 'screen' reality. As we more and more look at the world through the screen of a smartphone, a tablet or through Augmented Reality glasses, the preset window to the world (like television) quietly seems to disappear. In Screening Reality I've blended the screen reality with the live reality in both video and real life. Through subtle interventions in public space, I created an analog reaction to our screen-filled information society. Does the window of e.g. a bus stop change into a giant screen when placing the logo of a television channel on the glass? The interactive installation in the project presents the live streams of unsecured IP cameras, merged with television-style elements like a news ticker. Carefully determined live twitter search results function as the subtitle of the streams. The project will be presented at LhGWR, The Hague January 27 – February 24, 2013.