Next Stop

visual chronicle of the Covid-19 era

eitje Bibi

movie identity

IMBOS De Populist

illustrated music video

Thanking Trump /

re-composed COVID-19 press briefing streams

Elevator 001

unsecured IP camera in an elevator


guerilla poster campaign

Re-streaming Reality

unsecured IP cameras installation

Here we are now

video series on the act of waiting

Mind your step

video series on uniformity in public space

An Ocean of Possibilities

catalog for the Noorderlicht Photofestival

31x LhGWR

the 15 LhGWR artists in a 31 images publication

Screening Reality

visual research on screen vs live reality


supporting newspaper

Miniscule Blue Helmets on a Massive Quest

biggest intervention in public space since chewing gum

Cruel and Unusual catalog

Prison Photography project by Pete Brook